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Engine Repair

Let us keep your engine running its best

When you’ve got a problem with your vehicle’s engine, it could be any number of issues. At Dependable Auto Service, our expert service technicians will determine the problem and explain it to you in clear terms, offering solutions, and allowing you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed. We will never sell you a repair or part you do not need. Count on us as your partner in keeping your vehicle running optimally.

The key to keeping your engine running well, however, is keeping on a routine maintenance plan so that we can conduct standard tune-ups (visual inspection of engine components, diagnostics, fuel pump, various filters, ignition module, emissions, engine sensors, distributor cap and rotor, and much more). We will advise you on replacing/installing any worn or aging parts such as spark plugs, and can set the timing and idle, replace air and fuel filters, change the oil, and clean the fuel system.

Giving your engine regular attention and care will ensure it runs properly and efficiently, and minimizes your chances for needing major repairs. Call Dependable Auto Service today if you’d like to schedule an inspection of your engine, or if you’re in need of engine repair.


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